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Mulai tahun pelajaran 2013-2014 ini saya hijrah mengajar ke kelas XII IS 1, 2 dan 3. Buat bocah rombel X kemaren yang pernah belajar bareng saya dan masuk ke kelas diatas ' I just wanna say, Hey, It's you again! and you know what? as I told you all before, E-Primbon kalian di rombel X kemarin kudu diaktifkan kembali. Well? Any problem? It's never too late to start all over again. Saat bekerja telah tiba. Ayo Semangat!
Anyway, buat bocah rombel X yang baru gabung di SMADA Tahun ini masih boleh browsing dan unduh apa aja di blog ini atawa di blog rombel X RSBI. Raw material nya di sini ato di sana.
Terimakasih. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Senin, 09 November 2009

Tugas Translation 2

Dear students, thank u for sending the email as required. Due to another job that makes it impossible for me to see u 2day, I'd like 2 give u all another beautiful task 2 do. As we have discussed b4 bout the 3 kinds of translating, i.e ; word 4 word, literal n free translation, I'd now like you to search 4 more samples of each (5 for each, so it becomes 15). U can combine the three if possible. Make it good and different from anyone in the class (no cheating, pliz). Just like the way u did, please send it via email to me before Friday. I'll be OL in Jkt till almost midnite 2 receive it. Remember one thing, no name.. no gain. If u understand please nod ur head... Good (hehe) Thank u n I m so sorry that I cant meet u, again, 2day. Good luck n see you.. Anyway, u still read n learn the copies, don't u?

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