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Mulai tahun pelajaran 2013-2014 ini saya hijrah mengajar ke kelas XII IS 1, 2 dan 3. Buat bocah rombel X kemaren yang pernah belajar bareng saya dan masuk ke kelas diatas ' I just wanna say, Hey, It's you again! and you know what? as I told you all before, E-Primbon kalian di rombel X kemarin kudu diaktifkan kembali. Well? Any problem? It's never too late to start all over again. Saat bekerja telah tiba. Ayo Semangat!
Anyway, buat bocah rombel X yang baru gabung di SMADA Tahun ini masih boleh browsing dan unduh apa aja di blog ini atawa di blog rombel X RSBI. Raw material nya di sini ato di sana.
Terimakasih. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Senin, 25 Mei 2009


It's nice 2 see a good progress of my students in learning English by using ICT i.e having their own blogs 2 make the old manual primbon becomes the e-primbon (see some in the side bar). It can be electronic or English primbon. What an idea? I can see most of them are so excited writing, designing, n improving the blog equiped with many useful links of other appropriate sites from all over the world. While others are still rookies (like me) in the web blogs, don't know what 2 do with it.But it's fine. Go ahead. There are many tips to catch if you try, either from books or on line. FYI, Primbon is a name given to the students notes on all topics of English materials during the semester. The name is taken from the famous javanese book. A unique name 2 remember. Oya, truly speaking, it's just another way to put the students 2 have notes instead of having other English text book. Besides, the blogs will also encourage them 2 read n get more info from articles in the internet, write their own articles (in English- one day), 2 express n share ideas, 2 explore the cyber world 2 broaden the knowledge, n be more creative.. so Good luck guys!

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