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Mulai tahun pelajaran 2013-2014 ini saya hijrah mengajar ke kelas XII IS 1, 2 dan 3. Buat bocah rombel X kemaren yang pernah belajar bareng saya dan masuk ke kelas diatas ' I just wanna say, Hey, It's you again! and you know what? as I told you all before, E-Primbon kalian di rombel X kemarin kudu diaktifkan kembali. Well? Any problem? It's never too late to start all over again. Saat bekerja telah tiba. Ayo Semangat!
Anyway, buat bocah rombel X yang baru gabung di SMADA Tahun ini masih boleh browsing dan unduh apa aja di blog ini atawa di blog rombel X RSBI. Raw material nya di sini ato di sana.
Terimakasih. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009


Well I must say that most voters think that neither our human resources nor the infrastructure are ready for the RSBI. We have to admit that there are facts to show that lacks. Our infrastructures are not completed as required yet. Our human resources are not ready either. Specially with the language skills. It is a great home work for not only the local English language teachers but also those in charged (other teachers). Optimistic? Well, we have to be, right? However, supports and contributions from all sides participating are highly needed. One of the first obstacles commonly comes from the making of inspiring atmosphere to practice English. It is not an easy thing to do even when everybody has agreed to help each other to create it. It takes time. It surely has something to do with a culture. I mean the culture of 'afraid of making mistakes' and 'being shy to practice English before the public'. English is not spoken even in the speaking English area. Silence is gold! It happens among the students. The students claim they are still learning and bla bla bla. Sadly, it also happens among the teachers. They claim that they do not know what, when, where and how to start. Hence, the local English teachers are always put as the trigger.

In fact, It is OK for a start or two but a moment later..the local English teachers seem to play like street policemen. When they are around the rules are obeyed while when they aren't around, good bye to rules.. I mean no practice at all. Sad, it is. But that's the way the facts are. Spirits stay for a minute only and it goes along with the English language teachers. I m not saying somebody is to blame. Let us find a way to solve it. Please remember that English is not just spoken by the English language teachers now. Every teacher should be able to use it too. Speak up, please..start with saying Hi! How are you doing? nice to see you..and so on. Choose your favorite topics to talk about. Write down SMS, notes or others in English that you know. Listening to English songs or watching English movies are a good training for the listening skill. Read something written in English. Newspapers, magazines, recipes, the running text and the like are good things to improve the reading skill. Remember about the three S? Start from you, yourself. Start from little things and Start from now. I believe that students and teachers can do that. They are smart and creative. They will improve. Now about confidence. Confident? Yup, some facilitators often said that's the problem of most Indonesian. Not confident, don't you think?

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  1. yup.local teacher often as the factor or the trigger in slowing down the students' competency in gaining English as the life's skill.English is only as the score which must be gained where it is not considered as the competency to the other scopes in our life where it can be applied to improve our life quality.

    Not only the students, other people also expected to learn English.especially to the teacher who will enter the certification level where they mus prove their quality.

    but the most important thing is that English is not only as the language science only, and also not only as the obligation,but it is the needs which is necessarily mastered.

    confindent, yeah,,is also the most important thing in building our english ability.don't be shy, because nobody's perfect,however, don't forget that always try to better, ain't it wal?

    Ok, see ya again on the next visit.

  2. AY yay Captain!!! eh Wal.. Now English walks around the school...


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